Baths, Designed for Bathing

In the background:

Our Eversly 67″ freestanding bath (THS-B26-67).

Available in both 67″ and 59″ lengths.

Discover the differences that define T.H. Smith Co.’s designs.

Freestanding Baths, Designed for Bathing

At T.H. Smith Co., every product we make starts as a great design.  We focus on creating baths that are beautifully balanced, complex but unobtrusive, and innovative.  They must feature the best in materials, technical innovations, and responsible production methods.

Most importantly, we make them for bathing.

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Virtual Bath Showroom

Featuring Augmented Reality

Using the power of 3d modeling and Augmented Reality (AR), T.H. Smith now allows you to virtually explore each bathtub.  Use a mobile device to place and view the bathtub in your surroundings.  Explore each bathtub as if you were in a showroom.

Virtual models can be found on every product page.   Try our Resources for links to all models on a single page.



Looking for some inspiration?

Introducing the Imogen
Available in either 60”or 67” to suit any space.


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