About Us

T.H. Smith Co. is a design and manufacturing company, based out of New Westminster, near Vancouver, in British Columbia.  Our core focus is on the creation of modern bathware and bath fixtures, and we specialize in the design and manufacturing of bathtubs.

Who we are

Writing about ourselves is one of the hardest things we have done!  We have always preferred to remain in the background, on manufacturing floors, in design studios, and have preferred to let our products speak for us. You may not have heard of us, but there is a good chance you have seen our work.

For 20 years, we have been engaged with major bath-fixture brands worldwide.  Showers for New Zealand, Australia and Japan, basins for Spain and France, and baths for North America and China.

After years of working with a host of amazing people worldwide, we decided to travel our own path.  We embraced our heritage, and we created a host of bath fixtures under our own label, with the entire line proudly designed and developed in New Westminster, British Columbia.

We hope you explore our catalogue, and that you keep checking in as we grow. 

Our Core Values

We are committed to the principles of good design.  We passionately believe in making products that are unobtrusive, complex yet aesthetic, thoroughly designed and meticulously manufactured. 

Our Mission

To create quality designed and well manufactured bathroom fixtures and keep them obtainable.

The T.H. Smith Co. Brand

At the turn of the 20th Century, T.H. Smith moved to New Westminster, BC and founded T.H. Smith Dry Goods.  After seeing initial success, he broadened his focus.  T.H. Smith Dry Goods expanded to T.H. Smith Co. and developed a range of premium ready-made clothing.  He sought to make well-made clothing accessible to a larger segment of the population, as it was previously made-to-measure, and largely unaffordable.

While the products have dramatically changed, five generations later, T.H. Smith Co. continues with the same vision as the original company, created by T.H. Smith over 100 years ago.  Designing and producing premium products.

T.H. Smith Co. Storefront