Drop-In Drain Kit™

Elevate Your Installation Experience

T.H. Smith Co.’s Drop in Drain Kit™ simplifies freestanding bathtub installation and makes any future servicing of your plumbing easier.

The kit relocates the plumbing connection for your freestanding bathtub, shifting it from the traditional location within the joist space to the floor surface.

How does it work?

The flange serves as the floor-level connection point for your freestanding bathtub drain. The included brass tailpiece attaches to the bath’s drain assembly and extends below the tub. When you’re ready to install the bath, lubricate the tailpiece and lower the bathtub into place. The tailpiece effortlessly slides through the seal in the floor flange, completing the installation.

Why is this important?

Stress-Free Installation

You can put off installing your bathtub until the finishing stage, eliminating the need to protect the bathtub during construction. This means your beautiful tub stays scratch and scuff-free.

Easy Troubleshooting

Need to take out the tub or deal with installation hiccups? No problem! You can lift the tub without causing chaos downstairs. This saves you money and a major headache if there are any plumbing issues down the line.

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