Frannie 6032

The Frannie is  our redesign of the modern acrylic alcove bathtub, emphasizing both usability and comfort.

It features an oversized bathing well with generous hip and shoulder room, complemented by a 120-degree backrest.  The Frannie’s 43″ floor length and 21.5″ width give bathers plenty of space to really stretch out and relax. 

Those who prefer to shower will appreciate the oversized floor area and the low step-over height of 18 inches.


Notes from the Designer:

Our goal with the Frannie alcove bathtub was to create a perfect blend of luxury and practicality for modern family bathrooms.

Designed to fit seamlessly into a bathroom alcove, this bathtub offers a comfortable step-over height, ensuring ease of access for all family members. Its interior is notably wide, providing a spacious feel and ample room for relaxation, even with its slightly reduced immersion depth compared to ultra-deep soaking tubs.

This design meets the dual demands of family life, offering a luxurious soaking experience without sacrificing practicality for daily use such as showering or bathing children.  

It is a thoughtful compromise, meticulously crafted without compromising on quality or design.


  • THS-B73-32L (LH Drain)
  • THS-B73-32R (RH Drain)

Length 59.875Inches
Width 31.875 Inches
Height 18 Inches
Material Acrylic
Colour White
Finish Gloss


Experience the Frannie

We understand that sometimes you need more than pictures. You want to see the bath from a certain angle or you just need more detail.  Grab and spin the model in real-time.  Zoom in or out using your Ctrl + Scroll Wheel or simply a two finger pinch or spread using a touchscreen.


Try the Frannie in your space!

Using a mobile device with a camera? Use our Augmented Reality platform to try the Frannie in your space. Select the AR button on the top-right corner of the model. The link will provide a few simple instructions and then using the camera and screen, display the bathtub in your space!   Drag the bath, spin it around, or walk around the bathtub, just by using your mobile!