Wilkins 67

The Wilkins is a neo-classically inspired oval soaking bath, featuring dual contoured backrests. The boldly curved exterior transitions into an integrated plinth. This adds lightness to the form by elevating it off the ground. The top edges of the bathtub are thin, and have been filleted making a gentle transition into the bathing well. The curved inside edge of the backrest is designed for comfort.

Understanding that one size does not fit all, the Wilkins is available in two lengths.


Length 67 Inches
Width 31.5 Inches
Height 23.675 Inches
Material Acrylic
Colour White
Finish Gloss
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Experience the Wilkins

We understand that sometimes you need more than pictures. You want to see the bath from a certain angle or you just need more detail.  Grab and spin the model in real-time.  Zoom in or out using your Ctrl + Scroll Wheel or simply a two finger pinch or spread using a touchscreen.


Try the Wilkins in your space!

Using a mobile device with a camera? Use our Augmented Reality platform to try the Wilkins out in your space. Select the AR button on the top-right corner of the Wilkins model. The link will provide a few simple instructions and then using the camera and screen, display the Wilkins in your space!   Drag the bath, spin it around, or walk around the bathtub, just by using your mobile!